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DNA Genealogy

DNA Genealogy

DNA genealogy has many uses other than helping in identifying criminals suspected of having committed crimes, and the new use of it is in helping identify your ancestors which has thus made DNA genealogy very exciting and appealing to numerous people all over the world. In fact, it involves nothing more than applying normal genealogy principals and using DNA testing in conjunction in order to then determine whether two people are in fact related and also finding out the level of their relationship.

Two Categories

DNA genealogy can be broken down into two main types that are Mitochondrial DNA and Y-chromosome DNA testing. However, at present these DNA genealogy testing methods have not been proven as being hundred percent effective in generating a family tree, though in spite of these minor drawbacks, either DNA genealogy testing method still uses the knowledge that certain genetic material is inherited in almost unchanged manner, which in case of Mitochondrial DNA involves passing characteristics from mother to child of either sex while in the Y-chromosome DNA testing method, it involves passing characteristics father to son.

What's more, ever since the latter part of the twentieth century when the need to learn about one's kinship first became popular, genealogy has since then moved from being a popular hobby to something involving serious study and in this DNA genealogy too has begun to make its presence felt. The Y-chromosome testing is very useful when you need to learn about people through their surnames and also for population studies and in the recent past it has been used extensively to establish close relationships, especially through DNA genealogy.

In fact, from the time that a person named Bryan Sykes published a study in the year 2000 in which he showed that DNA genealogy in conjunction with surname studies helped in establishing relationships, the popularity of this new form of genealogy testing has gone from strength to strength. Today, the price of conducting the DNA genealogy testing has also come down and thus has allowed many people to use this form of genealogy testing in order to find out their ancestry, and because the collection techniques used for DNA testing are pain-free as well as simple, it lends it well for wider use.

That is why many more budding genealogists are taking to using DNA genealogy testing methods to discover the origins of their ancestors and in fact, all that it takes to get material for testing purposes is to place a cotton swab inside a person's mouth. Once this material is obtained and gets tested, you can easily learn whether your ancestors came from far off place on the planet or were homegrown inhabitants. In fact, once you get your feet wet trying out DNA genealogy, you will soon find yourself becoming hooked to this fascinating science, and you won't be able to resist the urge to discover more about yourself and your roots.

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